Sarah Slavik Photography

Our Wedding Photography Style

It took us a few years before we were able to define and clearly describe our signature wedding photography style. We consider ourselves documentary photographers giving our photographs warm, friendly, romantic, and classy touch. Our photography is build on mastering of the craft of portrait photography and lighting, though we like experimenting and stepping out of the box.

Here are the six elements of our wedding photography style:

Pictures of the engaged and married couples should portray their relationship and love in the first place.

Our belief is that careful lighting in the photograph is as important as its creative concept.

The most exciting thing about photography is the fact that in many pictures there is a creative fraction of a second when you need to click the shutter.

It is always a great challenge to capture the wedding day details not only to show the objects, but to put them into a context with people, places, or time.

The simpler the picture, the easier it is for the viewer to comprehend the subject and appreciate it.

In Post-processing, we prefer going an extra mile to achieve true and vivid colors with minimal color shifts.

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