Sarah Slavik Photography

Erin and Syderek: Spring Piedmont Park Portraits

05/03/2019 | Engagements

I met with Erin and Syderek on a lovely afternoon in Piedmont Park. Although the couple lives in Memphis, Tennessee, Erin’s roots are in Atlanta. Therefore they decided to host their wedding here at Sandy Springs Heritage. Due to Erin and Syderek’s very busy careers, they had to fit all of their wedding vendor appointments in only one day and that didn’t give us too many options as for the timing. This was one of the days when I really wished it was cloudy to be able to shoot at locations that wouldn’t be otherwise possible to use at noon.
Everything worked out well and I did my best to keep the session relaxed and let them enjoy a walk through the park into the adjacent city streets in the midst of their hectic afternoon! 🙂

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