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Atlanta's Best Wedding Vendors - 2007

Each year, our studio compiles a list of the best vendors we have met at the weddings we photographed during that year. Here are selected Atlanta wedding vendors that we consider to be the best of 2007 for a variety of categories. This list reflects only our selection. We have listed these vendors without any request for reciprocal linking.

Ceremony Site: Milford Church of God

A modern and friendly church located in Austell, GA, and led by Pastor Mr. Keith Gunter. For the wedding we photographed on 7/7/2007, he provided excellent service, including a multimedia show!

Reception Site: Flint Hill

A very busy wedding site in Norcross, GA, providing services for both ceremonies and receptions. They have a very professional staff, who also proved to be extremely attentive and patient during the wedding we photographed there on 11/29/2007. Their catering was fabulous, too!

Florist: Buckhead Florist, Inc.

These florists based in Atlanat provided very creative, and beautifully styled, floral installations for the wedding that we photographed at Capital City Club, Atlanta, on 6/21/2007. Actually, they were more floral designers than typical florists.

Catering: Ravinia Club

When assessing catering, we look not only at how tasty the food is, and how well it is presented, but also at how healthy it is. Catering from Ravinia Club, Atlanta, is top-notch in all three respects. By the way, the Ravinia-catered wedding that we photographed was held not in Ravinia Club, but rather in the atrium of Ravinia Building Two, which holds weddings only in exceptional cases. Actually, the Ravinia Club is an excellent reception place as well.

Cake: Little European Bakery

If you want to treat your guests to the slightly different, but very delicious, taste of European cake, then talk to the folks at Little European Bakery in Sandy Springs, GA. The cakes that we saw—and tasted—there during the wedding that we photographed on 8/4/2007 were like a breath of fresh air among the dozens of traditional cakes we encounter each year.

DJ: Amanda Karnik from Complete Music

A DJ can make or break your wedding. If you want a DJ who brings more fun and guest participation to your ceremony, the best choice is Amanda from Complete Music. She has a knack for keeping guests entertained while still making it your event, not hers. Amanda rocks! We've had the pleasure of seeing Amanda's services at two 2007 weddings. Complete Music is a chain, so ask for Amanda Karnik specifically.

Wedding Coordinator: Precious Atkinson

A good wedding coordinator always plays an important role during wedding preparation, and together with a DJ, can ensure that a wedding day will be well organized and enjoyable not only for the bride and groom, but also for everyone else in their families and circle of friends. With Precious Atkinson from Lithonia, GA, phone 404-328-8817, we could experience one of the few weddings we've seen where everything was on time all day long, but what's more, Precious gave it an emotional flair.

Transportation: Yellow Rose Carriage Service

We were surprised how often we could see a beautiful 2-horse carriage ride out during weddings held near Marietta, GA—4 times just in 2007. We are not surprised anymore; the patient and cooperative Clint and Barbara Small at Yellow Rose with stables in Marietta, GA, phone 770-499-9719, make this service all the more attractive. A romantic ride on a horse drawn carriage will be surely one the highlights of your southern-style wedding.

All right, that's all for the year of 2007. We hope it was just as successful a year for wedding vendors as it was for Sarah Slavik Photography. See you here on this page again in January 2009, to celebrate the best vendors of the current 2008 wedding season.

Sarah and Slava Slavik

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